About ANN-Tech. Interactive.

We are an independent Games, Engine and Tools development team, based in Dublin, Ireland (Programming and Sound department), Ukraine, Zaporozhye (Art, Design and Web Development department). We are focused on creating fun games with unique art style, memorable soundtrack and tools that help us to create those games.

qbEngine© Technology:

We use our in-house game engine and engine tools for all of our development. Our engine is cross-platform and is built to support Windows, Linux, Mac OS platforms. Engine is being developed in C++ with OpenGL and SDL.

Supported devices:

  • Windows 7 and 8 on a Steam platform (In Development)
  • Linux Ubuntu 13.04 on a Steam platform (In Development)
  • Mac OS on a Steam platform (In Development)
  • Previous releases:
  • Windows Phone 7 (not supported in upcoming version) 
  • Windows Phone 8 (not supported in upcoming version) 

Current project:

[01/04/2013] Working on a new cross-platform design. Stay tuned for more news.
[22/07/2013] Our Engine has been ported to SDL 2.0. Lots of new, cool features in this version of SDL.
[10/01/2014] Latest build of our Engine now supports even more platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.


Independent Game, Engine and Tools Development Team. Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac.